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We are tax professionals, we offer business and financial services. A firm that believes in going above and beyond for our customers. We concentrate on educating and informing our clients to help them understand their finances. We offer bookkeeping, credit repair, tax preparation, and business start-up services.

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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping services is the process of keeping records of financial transactions and preparing financial statements, such as balance sheets and income statements.

Focus On Your Business, Not Your Books… Let Legacy Tax take care of it!


Tax Preparation

Trust the experts at Legacy Tax Financial Services to quickly and accurately prepare your taxes. Use our stress free tax services to allow you to relax during the tax season.

Credit Repair

Sit back and relax as we work towards your set credit goal and resolve all issues in a timely manner. We work hard to help boost your profile!


Business Start up

Incorporate your business and protect your personal assets!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Credit Repair

Protecting your personal data and sensitive information is one of our highest priorities. We offer a secure portal for you to enter and upload your information.

Vantage scoring mode uses machine learning techniques to help better understand credit behaviors over time and make it easier for consumers to obtain credit. Car dealerships and credit card companies use vantage scores.

FICO offers different scores for different industries, so your mortgage lender might see something different than your credit card issuer, Fico scores are more used by mortgage COMPANIES. They have different models for every lender

Credit monitoring is a service that keeps an extra eye on your credit activity. It helps track any suspicious developments and points out any red flags. It’s a safeguard that can keep track of your activity with any or all of the three major credit bureaus (Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion®).


Every client is different on how much we charge.We charge per form . It also depends on the complexity of your return.

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The IRS typically will send out refunds in 21 days. However the IRS have been overwhelmed with all the new laws and have a little slower in the process time.